Furoshiki v.s. Wrapping Paper

In recent years, with the alarming amount of plastic wastes and fast-disappearing forests, the use of furoshiki as an eco-friendly alternative is gaining attention.

Instead of wrapping a gift with disposable paper, why not try wrapping in furoshiki?

It looks elegant, is reusable and reduces waste.

Pictures by Anne Suess, and Pauline Roberts, posted on the Furoshiki Giftwrap Community Facebook page

Traditionally, furoshiki is handed back to the gift-giver. If you feel a little uncomfortable asking it back, I’d suggest including a little note that asks furoshiki to be reused or returned.

Here’s an example:

This gift is wrapped with care in “Furoshiki”, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth to reduce paper waste. Please keep and reuse as a shopping bag, pass it on as a gift wrap, or return back to the sender so it can be used again.

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