Materials and Sizes

Traditionally, furoshiki were made of cotton for daily uses and of silk for gift-giving and for special occasions.

In recent years, furoshiki are made of cotton as well as polyester, nylon and rayon. While cotton is the most durable and easiest to take care of, some cotton fabrics are thick and bulky. Synthetic materials like polyester not only gives out silk-like shine, but also are fairly strong and take up less space when folded as they are usually thinner than cotton.



Furoshiki comes in many sizes. Most often used are between 20"x20" (50cm square) and 35"x35" (90cm square).

When choosing the right size furoshiki for wrapping, here is the rule of thumb:

The diagonal length of furoshiki should be 3 times the length of the item you want to wrap.


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